• Aurora’s eVTOL aircraft will provide on-demand transportation to minimize long commutes due to heavy traffic and urbanization in populated areas.
  • The infrastructure plan includes urban “vertiports” for passenger boarding and vehicle servicing.
  • eVTOL aircraft will operate a “hub-to-hub” service between designated vertiports.
  • The first test bed flights are scheduled to begin in 2020 in Dallas, Texas, USA and Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

Operational Overview

  • The eVTOL aircraft includes eight lift rotors for vertical takeoff and cruise propeller and wing to transition to high-speed forward cruise.
  • At destination hub, the aircraft transitions back to rotor-borne flight for vertical landing.
  • Fully electric operation decreases or eliminates emissions and noise pollution for a quieter flight.
  • While initially operated with a safety pilot, the eVTOL aircraft is designed for fully autonomous operations.
  • The flight capability for eVTOL aircraft is three times more efficient than a multi-copter aircraft.


  • The eVTOL will be used for short-haul transport of passengers or cargo.
  • Current configuration allows for two passengers including the pilot plus luggage.
  • Offerings will include specific configuration options to address mission requirements for civil and military operations.


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