Product Overview

The Centaur is an optionally piloted aircraft (OPA) that combines the best of manned and unmanned aircraft capabilities boasting three modes of operation: manned, unmanned and augmented.

Centaur is an excellent solution for operations over controlled airspace, utilizing the high degree of safety and redundancy required for manned aircraft, with the payload capacity and flexibility of a large unmanned system.

Centaur can be operated from a remote ground control station. The ground station equipment for unmanned and hybrid modes is designed with transportability in mind for rapid deployment and set up at remote operating bases.

Both pilot and sensor operator stations can be staged onboard or remotely, allowing for a variety of flight configurations designed to meet multiple needs including long endurance, hazardous operating environments and the highest level of safety and reliability.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Operating ability in conditions too dangerous for manned aircraft
  • Can be deployed through controlled airspace to remote sites for unmanned operations without the need for transport, support equipment or personnel
  • Twin-engine reliability and payload security (can operate with one functional engine)


  • General Aviation Certified Airframe
  • 44 ft wingspan X 28 ft length
  • Service Ceiling: 27,500 ft
  • 20 hour flight endurance with 200 lb payload
  • 135-160 KTAS typical cruise speed (Top speed 175 KTAS)
  • All carbon-composite construction