Who We Are

Aurora Flight Sciences is a world leader in the development of highly autonomous aircraft. Our mission is to change the way we travel by applying autonomy and robotics to the development, production and operation of advanced aircraft.

Our motto is “fly early, fly often” — and we do — but don’t let that fool you. Our systems are so safe, reliable, and effective that they are supported by the U.S. Military, Boeing, Uber, and other tech industry customers entering the rapidly changing aerospace industry. We frequently achieve what others can’t due to a combination of experience, persistence, collaboration, and a culture of innovation. We apply breakthrough technologies to create a new state of the art, rather than advancing the old one.

Who are We Looking For?

This is your chance to make history with us. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about flight and technology, and possess a curiosity that drives innovative ideas. We are seeking experts and explorers in autonomy, aerospace and aviation engineers, and dedicated professionals of varying disciplines to support our everyday business operations. Cross-disciplinary interests are strongly desired; we love people that combine world-class expertise with a diverse background and interesting hobbies.

Individuals with experience in and passion for the following areas are ideal candidates for the growing Aurora team:

  • Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Mechanical design
  • Vehicle development and lifecycle engineering
  • Perception and sensor fusion
  • Machine learning
  • Human-machine collaborative engineering
  • Big data and deep learning
  • Novel algorithm development for breakthrough autonomy
  • Mathematics
  • GPU computing
  • Embedded systems
  • Adaptive control
  • Flight control and trajectory planning
  • Modeling and simulation

What We Value

Aurora places a high value on influential characteristics including:

  • Exemplary work ethic. Engineers are expected to contribute significantly from day one, whether they are creating flight code for a new aircraft, designing a robotic co-pilot, or conceptualizing a UAV pilot interface. A key Aurora value is to “maintain a sense of urgency and a bias towards action.”
  • Spirit of collaboration. Innovation teams consist of recognized experts and eager learners alike; we recognize the merit of ideas regardless of their origin.
  • Commitment to quality. We believe the integrity of data presented is essential, and our engineers consistently deliver high quality products.
  • Leadership. Whether you are a fresh-out or a veteran, we expect engineers to lead by example.

We expect hard work from Aurora engineers. In return, you can expect to contribute to a never-before-flown aircraft, from paper design to flight test. If you think you would enjoy watching your design takeoff and fly (sometimes while sitting in the back seat), apply today for one of our highly competitive positions.

Come Design the Future With Us!

Aurora consistently wins new and exciting business that requires a constant need to find talent. Click below to link to our list of current openings in each of our worldwide locations. But keep checking back, as this list changes almost daily to keep up with new programs.

We’re always looking for great talent! If you don’t see an opening that matches your skills but are interested in a career with us, please send us your resume.

Aurora is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides a comprehensive and competitive benefits package.

Careers with Aurora Swiss

Aurora also has an international presence, with a research and development center in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Qualified and interested engineers who are citizens of Switzerland or an EU/EFTA country should send a CV or resume to Aurora Swiss Aerospace.

Swiss/EU/EFTA engineering students interested in internships are also welcome to apply.