Program Overview

The BLI (Boundary Layer Ingestion) Technology Demonstrator is an aircraft concept that uses the principle of boundary layer ingestion to reduce aircraft fuel burn, investigated by Aurora in partnership with NASA. The integration of the engines into the rear fuselage uses aerodynamic interaction between engine and airframe to produce the required thrust with less energy, reducing fuel consumption. The wider “double-bubble” fuselage increases lift so smaller wings can carry the vehicle’s weight, resulting in even less fuel use. This type of ultra-efficiency is how Boeing and Aurora are delivering on advanced technology to optimize performance and reduce operating costs for tomorrow’s next-generation aircraft.

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Less Community Noise
  • Greater Airport Compatibility
  • Faster Boarding and Deplaning
  • Higher Efficiency, Even at Transonic Cruise Speeds
  • Improved Passenger Experience
  • Multidisciplinary Team and Tools
  • Lightweight Composites
  • Propulsion-Airframe Integration